Christmas Gifts: Tips for Saving – Good Credit

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Christmas is approaching and, with the tradition of Christmas gifts, saving is one of the main challenges. After all, the festive atmosphere and the excitement of buying presents favors high expenses, is not it?

It sounds silly, but even the memories at the end of the year for family and friends can compromise your financial health.

To avoid getting red in the middle of the holidays, check out the savings tips with gifts and of course, start the new year in blue.

1) Plan your Christmas gift purchases

1) Plan your Christmas gift purchases

Planning shopping is not only valid for Christmas presents, but also for other expenses related to the fraternization, such as supper and clothes to wear at the time. Before shopping, write a list with what you need and try to follow it to the letter.

In relation to the present, the ideal is to leave home with at least two ideas for each present. At the time of the choice, the tip is simple: choose the cheapest item and with the option of “exchange”, as it will serve as a possible “credit” for a more expensive purchase. There is no mistake!

2) Search the prices of Christmas gifts

2) Search the prices of Christmas gifts

Searching the price before buying the Christmas gifts is the secret for you to save even more!

For example, if you are thinking of gifting someone with an appliance, be aware: the price varies considerably from store to store. So even though store X has recently announced a “promotion,” the search is still relevant, as store Y may be stocked with even greater discounts.

At that time, controlling anxiety is necessary. If the seller tells you that the stock has been emptied and is running out, ask for even more cash discounts.

3) Pay the Christmas presents in cash

3) Pay the Christmas presents in cash

Buying Christmas gifts in plain sight is a smart choice, not to compromise your pocket in the coming months.

Control your credit card, especially if you are already compromised. In spite of the crediários facilitated at this time of the year, paying cash is easier to save on gifts and Christmas shopping. That way you can have more control over your money and ask yourself “is it worth buying?”.

Enjoy your thirteenth paycheck not to make new debts: buy in sight! However, the 13th salary should only be used to buy gifts if you are not financially concerned. Otherwise, prefer to negotiate debts with your 13th salary.

4) Consider “buy and sell”

4) Consider "buy and sell"

Instead of buying Christmas presents directly in stores, good option is to search on “buy and sell” websites. Maybe you find what you are looking for at a lower price. In the calculation, consider freight or travel expenses.

Although it is an alternative for those who do not give up saving money on Christmas gifts, you must have checked the evaluations of sellers, so as not to risk not receiving the purchase. If you have a close friend who sells products, what about consulting him and asking for discounts?

5) Make yourself gifts

5) Make yourself gifts

The famous “do it yourself” can help you save (and a lot!) On Christmas gifts. In addition to being a cheaper option, customization makes the keepsake unique and special.

If you have no idea what to make, no problem: search the internet and get inspired! The important thing is to consider “do it yourself”, especially if you are out of money to buy gifts.

Customizing the gift is a way of not giving up just because it is red. Sometimes you can enjoy materials that you have at home. So no excuses and hand in hand!

6) Beware of offers

6) Beware of offers

You did not read wrong: beware of the offers!

The shopkeepers take advantage of the end of the year to try to sell everything that was stuck in the stock. After all, a new collection will arrive for the new year. To attract the attention of consumers, the announcement of the offers are very tempting: “take 3 pay 2”, “pay only the most expensive”, “just today”, among others.

When it comes to gift shopping, consider whether it is worth resisting the promotions, be it for giving to others or for yourself. Be firm in the economy!

7) What about a gift card?

What the gift card does not have to be creative, it has to be practical and economical! That’s right: you choose a certain value and gift. Do not encroach on the high values! The same reasoning of the present with exchange is valid for the gift card, that is, serves as a “credit” to buy a more expensive item, if the person gifted wants.

Practicality is not only for those who buy the gift card, but also for the recipient. Want a better option than choosing the gift that you directly in the store?

8) Apply for a loan

8) Apply for a loan

Because at the end of the year we usually spend more because of Christmas gifts, travel and holidays, if you need a loan, Good Credit can help.

With the personal loan, you avoid the high interest of the rotary and overdraft, and choose installments that fit in the pocket.