The effect of yoga on your sexual life

Nowadays, there is no need to convince people of the fact that regular exercise and sport activities have a positive influence on the sexual health and sexual life of a person. It is pretty plain to see – physical activity strengthens our body, makes us feel more attractive, confident and relaxed. When conversation turns to the practice of yoga, people often mention about the ability of yoga to positively impact all spheres of human life. At the same time, some positive effects attributed to yoga seem to be very realistic and evidence-based. Studies show that regular yoga practice benefits certain aspects of female sexual function – it helps to increase libido and overall sexual satisfaction. Yoga has the most positive impact on sensitivity, the quality of sex and orgasms. This practice teaches us to accept ourselves and our bodies, to build close and trust relationships with ourselves which makes it possible to open up to intimacy with other people and therefore more vivid sexual experience.

More sexual possibilities
A diversity of yoga poses provides a wide field for experiments. However, not all of them are possible if your muscles are not flexible enough and your body is not ready for such poses. Flexible body and trained muscles give more freedom in choosing poses during sex and thus more options for getting pleasure during sex. Physically fit body positively influences the sexual activity of a person. Yoga is a kind of an energy source to maintain sexual activity and performance at desired levels. In addition, the understanding of how your body works that is achieved through regular practice helps to increase concentration and focus on the sensations in different body parts.

Better orgasms
Yoga can be very helpful in achieving orgasms. Its positive effects include strengthened pelvic muscles and improved circulation in the pelvic area. Yoga specialists claim that the practice can improve the circulation of sexual energy and thus can help to fight sexual dysfunction in women. Yoga relieves stress as well as muscle tension, and relaxed muscles help to feel everything that happens to your body more fully.

Improved sensitiveness
Not only does yoga help to better understand yourself, but it also makes your more sensitive and attentive to the needs of other people. Breathing practices help to overcome one’s anxiety and worries and make love with full strength and greater energy, and only a compete inclusion into the process helps to achieve better relaxation and concentration. Having overcome one’s stress and tension, a person becomes more active and thoughtful sexual partner. Besides, better understanding of your own body leads to better understanding of your partner. Yoga makes you feel sexier and more energetic; it helps to realize your needs and desires.

Better sexual performance
Yoga can help with certain sexual problems in men. The use of specific yoga practices and breathing techniques helps to increase the duration of sexual intercourse (the mind, breathing and ejaculation are interlinked). If a man breathes rapidly, intermittently and without a rhythm, it is much more difficult to control ejaculation. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed intriguing results [1]. Researchers compared men with premature ejaculation who used a common drug therapy for their disorder with those who practiced yoga regularly. Both groups showed statistically significant improvement in their condition which makes it possible to conclude that yoga can be a nonpharmacological option for premature ejaculation.